Be My Doppelganger - Artless LP

Be My Doppelganger - Artless LP

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"When I expressed a mild interest in the genre of "Shoegaze", one of the dudes from BMD hit me up and told me that I might dig their latest record, as it had some spacey stuff on it. Well, I did. In fact, I love it! This is what happens when a pop punk band takes a step in a different direction and nails it. Highly recommended."
- Ryan Young - Anxious & Angry/Off With Their Heads

Lots of weird, rad things going on here. It’s like Crocodiles + Screeching Weasel + California X + some band on Creation Records  in 1992. It’s fucking cool.”
- A blog

”kinda like a louder, sloppier Superdrag.”
- Some other blog

This is Be My Doppelganger’s 3rd full length LP. Thick black vinyl. Released in 2014 and still sounds fresh. Recorded and mixed by Kevin Ratterman.